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The Other AI

The Main Idea

In this new project I'm looking to explore this concept that I have invented:

The  Authentic Intransigence.

Taking advantage of decontextualization and appropriation through digital collage, I try to illustrate the possibility that several ideas, even contradictory ones, can coexist creating a new narrative if they are willing to stretch, dilute and give up some of their parts. Since intransigence is something so deeply rooted in human nature, and the uses of Artificial Intelligence are becoming a new pretext to rant and disagree, I think it is also an opportunity to make us aware that empathy and emotional understanding will be traits that are difficult to replicate in a machine, so staying flexible can be the challenge to continue growing, interacting and building in an increasingly digital and automated world.

Is AI going to take our jobs and to later kill us?

Authentic Intransigence

The Concept

mr-monk 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Authentic Intransigence are two concepts that, on the surface, represent opposite poles in the human experience. While AI refers to the ability of machines to process information and learn from it, Authentic Intransigence is an attitude rooted in human nature that involves a stubborn resistance to giving in or adapting in conflict situations. However, the contrast of these concepts can reveal interesting aspects about the interaction between technology and human psychology.


AI, with its ability to adapt and learn, represents a technological approach that seeks flexibility and efficiency in problem solving. It is fed by data and uses algorithms to adjust its responses according to circumstances, constantly evolving to improve its performance. In contrast, Authentic Intransigence is a human attitude rooted in emotionality and personal identity. It may be related to deeply held beliefs, cultural values, or personal experiences that cause a person to cling to their opinions and reject compromises.

The Words


The Thought

"Trying to mimic manually and in an obvious way the neural network processes in AI tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E, or Stable Diffusion, where models have been fed and trained by huge amounts of pre-existing images (just like my eyes and brain) I am playing with my own reverse engineering version, where as I work with the images, I can go deeper into my thoughts while I'm learning to learn about myself, what I feel, what I think and what surrounds me."


Exploring The Authentic Intransigence through digital collage as a graphic project, (which uses to combine iconic characters, memorable scenes and visual elements from different cultural fields, to create visual compositions that tell new stories) seeks to inspire people to embrace their authenticity and appreciate the value in the abundance of thoughts, tastes, beliefs and ideological positions.

It is a proposal that celebrates human nature, the diversity of points of view and the willingness and bravery of those who are willing to try to see with eyes that are not their eyes.

A Homage

The Sentiment


This project is a tribute to diversity, to freedom of thought, to the modern world and the multicultural world, to technology, to human nature, to our changing ideas and to our deepest memories, but also to the capacity of popular culture for uniting people of different ages, sizes, colors and shapes around shared interests.

For many, Pop is nothing more than light trash, a diluted and despicable thing. For me it is a window to find common places, a pretext to gathering at one point and from there, to walk together to create new adventures.

The Artist

About Mr.Monk


Mr.Monk is an artist from Mexico City. Despite a busy role in the corporate world as a Creative Director in the world of Mobile Marketing, his artworks continued to flow during the past 10 years until he managed to leave his day job to became full-time artist.  His current works are highly influenced by popular culture and the characters within it. Portraying a distorted reality with ghoulish monsters, skulls, or with visions of future and new dimensions of hope for humankind. … The subjects of Mr.Monk’s creations are out of this world.


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